Every car owner loves the protection a garage offers. Your vehicle is protected from theft, the elements and other factors that could negatively affect the car. But if not maintained and checked on frequently it can be more of threat than a reward. Shaky hinges, loose torsion springs and faulty openers can lead to tragic outcomes other than vehicle theft.

Garage door openers were designed initially for homeowners who lived in those regions prone to harsh, violent storms. The idea was to make it more convenient for the driver, so that you didn’t need to leap in and out of your car in pouring rain, wind or snow. An automated garage door saved on having to get in and out of your car in the stormy weather. It also meant you didn’t need to carry a second set of clothes in your boot for work, in case you managed to get yourself drenched.


Hazardous Outcomes

Young children are curious and unfortunately, when it comes to garage doors, this can lead to accidents or even tragedy because an average strength garage door can close with enough power to crush a child.


It cannot be emphasized enough just how crucial it is to have your garage door thoroughly checked out frequently

Reversing sensors come as a safety feature on most automatic garage door openers. It causes the door to reverse if it encounters an obstruction. A quick way of testing if your reverse sensors are working is to place a roll of paper towel under the door and lower it, if the garage door hits the roll it should reverse. If it doesn’t, you’ve got trouble.

Maintenance! This is definitely the most important tip anyone can give you. Check your garage door regularly, see that everything is still intact and make sure the door is fully operational without any squeaks and chinks. Once you have the maintenance under control, the rest will be easy.


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