Garage doors are great when they are working smoothly, but when something goes wrong, you need to identify the problem so we at Door Doctor VA can help. We do not advise that you attempt to fix the problem yourself as you might cause a serious injury.

Here are some tips on how to handle a garage door problem the right way…

1. Identify the issue – Even garage door repair services won’t be able to help you when you contact them if you aren’t able to describe your problem clearly. Make a note of the exact problem you are experiencing. Call us with this information in hand.

2. Identify the system – Try identifying the type of opener system your garage door is using. Most garage doors these days use torsion spring. But some garage door models still use the standard extension spring.

3. The temporary fix – Getting your door to operate manually is a temporary fix for your garage door problem. It’s very easy to turn your garage door manual. If it’s a lubrication issue, apply a lubricant (spray) on the movable parts of the garage door. Check if the unit moves. Otherwise try the following:
With all garage doors, there’s a red cord that will hang from your opener. If you pull the cord, the opener will disconnect from the door. Once that’s done, you can start operating your garage door manually. You want to make sure the garage door is in the closed position. If it is open, there is a chance it could come crashing down.

It’s always safest to call the experts when you have a garage door problem as trying to fix it yourself could lead to disaster.

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