Below freezing temperatures, snow, and ice are just a few of the causes of winter weather that can affect the normal functioning of your Leesburg VA garage door. Winter weather in Leesburg VA can lead to buying new garage doors. This can be avoided through proper garage door maintenance.

As spring approaches, it is very important to check the health of your Leesburg VA garage door for your safety and your vehicle’s safety.  Another thing to keep in mind is burglars also know that Leesburg VA garage doors tend to fail more in winter, and therefore 50% of residential robberies can be traced to an open or unsecured door.

If you are concerned, please call Door Doctor to come inspect your Leesburg VA garage door today. Trying to fix it yourself could result in injuries or vehicle damage.

Here are some things Door Doctor will inspect:Leesburg VA New Garage Doors | Garage Doors Leesburg VA

Contracting metal: When its cold, the metal parts of your garage door can contract and shrink, which can cause your door to malfunction. Although, this can’t be avoided, you can help by making sure all parts that need lubrication are properly lubricated. If you need help, call Door Doctor to make sure that parts such as the springs, ball bearings, screw drive and are properly oiled.

Excess Lubrication:

Too much lubrication is also a problem, regardless of the temperature outside. If there is excessive lubrication, it can throw the rollers of the garage door out of alignment. This can cause difficulties in opening and closing the door.

Thick Grease Build Up on Leesburg VA Garage Doors

An excess of grease can also cause problems for your Leesburg VA garage door. The cold weather can cause the grease to harden and make it difficult to operate the garage door properly.  Additonally, silicon-based lubricant works better for cold weather.

Failure of weather stripping: If water freezes near the garage door, the weather striping can stick to the ground and get damaged when you try to open the door. If the strip gets damaged, your garage will not have proper insulation. If you see snow or ice inside your garage, this may be the time to have it inspected.

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