Garage Door OpenersWhen it comes time to buy a new garage door opener, you might be surprised at the number of options you face. Here are some guidelines on how to make the best choice for your garage.Garage door openers come with three different types of drive: chain, belt and screw.

Chain-drive openers are the oldest style, and they continue to be very popular but are not the best value. They can be noisy and may not be a good choice if the garage is under a bedroom or adjacent to a room where quiet is appreciated.

Belt-drive openers are identical to chain-drive openers except that they operate with a rubber belt. They are the quietest type of garage door opener and they tend to require less maintenance than the others.  They are about the same price which is why we recommend them and have been very happy with their value.

The third choice is screw-drive openers. There a very few moving parts on these units, and they require periodic lubrication that can be messy to apply.  If they are not lubricated, the screw is very noisy.

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