Helpful tips from your Herndon, VA Garage Door Specialists

Given the lengthy list of things home owners must consider, Garage Doors can be easy to overlook. Here are five reasons you can benefit from making sure this standard home feature is not an oversight.

They add value

Garage Doors, especially when installed professionally, increase the appearance and quality (and thus the value) of your home. On average, the increased value of a home after a new garage door installation is well over half the cost of the job.

The pros of insulation

Garages are often viewed as an external part of the house, and therefore it can be easy to assume that insulation does not really matter. There are many benefits of insulation, including noise reduction (both external noise and the noise of the door itself) and durability.

Garage Doors are customizable

This is a product that certainly does not have to be cookie cutter. Many homeowners are impressed with how big of difference paint, material, and style of a garage door can make in the general appearance and design of a house as a whole.

Automatic door openers offer more than just convenience

Besides just being handy, automatic door openers provide a heightened level of security compared to their manual counterparts.

All Garage Door openers are not created equal

There are three distinct types of garage door openers: chain, belt, and screw.

There is also a big difference between buying an opener in a home improvement store and purchasing from a professional installation service like Door Doctor. Door Doctor is an authorized dealer of LiftMaster garage door openers, and so we carry solid one piece rails as opposed to three piece openers (designed to fit easily into your car) offered by home improvement stores.

In this case, the distinction is a significant one; three piece openers flex at the joints which places extra strain on the opener, makes it likelier for the door to catch and slip at each of the joints, causes expedited deterioration, and is often only effective for spaces up to 8’ tall.

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