CHW01Garage doors are big, strong, and on the move. So, it’s important to prioritize a garage door’s safety check to prevent accidents. Younger children in particular are susceptible to danger because of their size and occasional lack of awareness to the dangers that are present.

Here are tips to ensure that your garage door is doing everything it should do and nothing more.

Get Service

Garage door service is crucial in maintaining satisfactory safety conditions. You’ll need a trained technician to check every aspect—from the garage door springs to the opener—to ensure all the interrelated parts are working as a safe unit.

Garage Door Springs

The condition of your garage door springs is crucial to the safety level. If the garage door springs have gaps between the coils or if the garage door is heavy manually, it would be best to have a technician to come out and adjust or replace the springs. Incorrect or unbalanced springs can cause many problems and puts extra wear and tear on your garage door opener.

Reversible Garage Door Openers

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission targets the non-reversing garage door openers as being a hazard, because serious injuries can occur. This is especially a problem for children, and every residence should look into the capability of their garage door openers.

Other Tips

When the garage door is moving, be sure to keep your fingers away from the door. Some of the worst accidents involve fingers getting stuck in the slats during operation. Also, educate your children about these dangers. Garage doors are functional, complex mechanisms that require awareness.

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