Traditional Short Panel with Cathedral Windows, White SH16A garage door is a major investment for a homeowner, and there are several factors to consider when purchasing one. First, since the garage door accounts for a sizeable portion of your home’s facade, it’s important to regard the door’s appearance as it relates to the exterior design of your home. Color, architectural style, and materials used are all factors that will determine if your new door visually complements the rest of your home. The door you choose is not only an aesthetic commitment, it’s also a commitment to a particular level of maintenance. Wood doors require regular reapplication of their finish, and steel doors, if not coated with factory-finished paint, will need to be recoated occasionally. Finally, you may want to consider your prospective door’s energy efficiency. If your garage is attached to your home, a well-insulated door will help stem some of your home’s heat loss during the winter.