5332A with Arched Stockton Windows, Almond CHICH11Garage door openers from the home improvement stores are not built the same as openers that the Door Doctor carries.As an authorized dealer of Lift-Master garage door openers, the openers we carry are built with solid one piece rails. The rails provided with the garage door openers sold at home improvement stores are cut into three pieces to easily fit in your vehicle. This three-piece rail will flex at the joints, which places extra strain on the opener, often when the door is moving. The door is likely to catch and slip as it moves past the joints. This will cause the opener to ware out faster, and is a safety hazard. Also, most retail openers will only work for doors up to 8’ tall.

In addition, the safe and proper operation of your garage door and garage door opener is dependent on the garage door springs being correctly calibrated and balanced for the size and weight of your particular garage door. The springs, cables, and bottom fixtures are under extreme loads and may cause severe and critical injuries without the proper tools, training and knowledge to make this type of repair.